Teaming up to discuss “Teamwork”

The meeting on the 9th of May was no ordinary meeting for the Gaveliers of the University of Colombo as the Gaveliers of College of Chemical Sciences teamed up with them for their 122nd meeting, under the theme “Teamwork”.

Old friends from the Gavel Club of CCS were warmly welcomed by the UOC Gaveliers with greetings and hugs. After a quick ten minutes of catching up the meeting started off to share the ideas and experiences the Gaveliers had on teamwork.

During the Round Robin session ideas about the good side, the bad side and sides we have never noticed about the concept of teamwork came up and the word of the day “Alliance”;the best word to match the theme,  was used many times by the speakers.

Gavelier Senuri took her first step in the Competent Communicator manual journey with her speech, “Me Before You” teaching us the importance of following our heart amidst some very interesting stories from her childhood.

Gavelier Senuri during her speech

Old sayings, “Too many cooks spoil the broth”, poems, “No Man is an Island”, challenges, “Throw me to the wolves and I’ll come leading the pack” and controversies, “Teams divide us” were some of the table topics during the meeting, and the insightful ideas presented by the speakers were both eye opening and entertaining.

Needless to say, it was a very entertaining and insightful joint meeting. In addition to the opportunity to become a better speaker, it was a great opportunity to renew old friendships and make new ones. It was very nice to have the Gaveliers of CCS at the joint Gavel Club meeting and we look forward to gathering again at a joint meeting in the future.

Gavelier Vishmi Fernando  | Faculty of Science | University of Colombo.

Image courtesy : Piyumi Dayawansa

Gavel Goes to Galle

A list of 14 reasons to visit Galle by “MidnightKnight” had 25 Gaveliers fired up for the annual excursion of the Gavel Club of the University of Colombo. After some meticulous planning by members of the Executive Committee, it was time to embark on a journey to make memories that would last a lifetime.

A cheery bus ride on the Southern Expressway to Galle commenced at about 6 o clock in the morning on the 1st of April. Gavelier Malin and his guitar entertained us all the way amidst attempts by Gavelier Sri to make each member of the group defend their WhatsApp statuses. The group landed at Unawatuna beach and after a short walk, we settled into a restaurant for breakfast. A plateful of chips ordered by Gavelier Paba was the highlight of the breakfast table.

The next destination was Jungle Beach in Rumassala. With most of the gaveliers eager to jump into the water, it was a mad rush to get into our swimming gear. Soon, we were splashing among the waves. Gavelier Warren took it upon himself to ‘initiate’ the new members including Pasan, Binara and myself by thrusting our heads into the water followed by an intense water splash. Attempts to build a human pyramid and even a swimming race ensued while some of the better swimmers dived in to search for corals. The fun and games continued until about noon, when Madame President Gavelier Vimukthini called us all out of the water for lunch.

Lunch was served in the bus with Gavelier Harith yelling out “You’re not a person!” to every vegetarian. Meanwhile Gavelier Kashmir went out to buy lime juice for all of us, as the intense heat of the sun was becoming unbearable. “It’s just because of the people! I wouldn’t bear this heat if it weren’t for the people I’m with today” was a thought echoed by many.

The next destination was the famous Galle Fort. After taking the customary official photograph, we strolled along the rampart while engaging in light hearted banter. Certain Gaveliers (names withheld) were scared out of their skins by the sight of a man holding a python across his shoulders. Finally, we made it to the open area where we decided to play a football match. Gaveliers Sri and Kashmir took their respective teams to battle head to head on the green grass of Galle. The two goalies Gavelier Vimukthini and Gavelier Sathya were at the heart of the action in a match which ended at 1-0 in favour of team Kashmir.

Although it was getting late, chief organizer Gavelier Kashmir had one last trick up in his sleeve. He took us to his beach house for tea. Everyone enjoyed the sandwiches and cutlets prepared by his mother. It was an act of hospitality that would never be surpassed.

After tea, we left Galle for Colombo, with our minds full of the wonderful memories we just had. In addition to all the fun we had, we learned a lot throughout the trip. Even the conversations we had were educational.

Personally, for me, as a fresher from the Faculty of Science, this trip gave me my first sense of belonging to the University. The image I had about seniors was gone as every gavelier was treated lovingly and equally as usual. I was staring at daylight after a long walk in a dark cave.

Gavelier Uditha Weerasinghe | Faculty of Science | University of Colombo.

Image courtesy : Gavelier Malin Ranwala.

Because “Gavel Never Stops”!

Breaking the norm for the second time, Gavel UOC held its 118th educational meeting on the 21st of March at the Independence Square due to the ongoing nonacademic strike. Rather than being confined within four walls it was so exciting to have a meeting outside in a more open space with a gentle breeze. It was more like having a GUTT session than another educational meeting.

The meeting started off with an Icebreaker speech and went on with two more prepared speeches (a CC1 and a CC2). Listening to three different amazing speeches we got the chance to come to know an unrevealed side of each speaker. We woke up from a nightmare, floated with the breeze and learnt about Exes and Laws of attraction.

After the second speech the meeting had to be shifted to the stone hall from greenery as we had an unexpected visitor; a street pooch that in a way scared some of us.

The Table Topic Session was quite interesting with a new way to select the topics where each one had to roll a die to get the relevant topic number. During the impromptu session we got to know some interesting facts about Panda bears like how important it is to protect them as they are endangered, the purpose of having big matches as a way of building unity while having fun and how we can learn and turn around our lives from mistakes.

Taking part in weekly educational meetings is a good way to polish up your oratory skill, to overcome stage fear and to share your thoughts freely with the audience. Despite of all the distractions happened due to the venue shift, we were able to have another memorable session with a wide range of insightful ideas and thoughts.

Gavelier Jayani Mawela | Faculty of Science | University of Colombo.

Two Universities Under One Roof, Sharing Random Thoughts

It was the 22nd of February and the Gavel Club of UOC was impatiently awaiting the presence of their honored guests for the week’s meeting – the members of the Gavel Club of University of Moratuwa. After a supposedly, interesting yet tiring journey all the way from Moratuwa to Colombo 7, they arrived, very enthusiastically and with warm smiles.

It’s always interesting to have joint meetings with other universities/institutes. In another club or society, a joint meeting would mean that you get to see new faces and work with new people. In the Gavel Club however, this means you get to understand new personalities and share new ideas. Let it be for 2 minutes during the Table Topics Session or just 20 seconds during the Round Robin Session, a speech by someone tells you something about that person; an experience they have gone through in life, something they believe in strongly or what they hope to achieve in the future; basically you get a tiny glimpse into that person’s soul.

Random thoughts and ideas, I believe, are what mould each of us to be the unique individuals we are. And that’s exactly what the theme for that meeting was – “Random Thoughts”.

All of us, at some time on a daily basis, zone out of reality and have some very random thoughts on some very random subjects. What would you do if you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant? Why, in a country of free speech, do we have telephone bills? Ever thought about these things? These were a few thoughts that were shared during a very interesting Table Topics Session on that day.

Needless to say, it was a very interesting meeting where we learnt a lot of new things based on the random thoughts of different people. We really appreciate the effort taken by the students of the  University of Moratuwa for attending the meeting and we hope to see them again soon.

Gavelier Amra Mohideen | Faculty of Science | University of Colombo.

Flyer credits : Gavelier Kashmir Karunanayake.


The Gavel Club of the University of Colombo experienced what it means to be ‘dead’ last Thursday.

 The 106th Gavel meeting held on 26th of October, as a joint meeting with the ‘Spectrum’ Institute, celebrated Halloween by naming the meeting “Galloween”. By 4.00p.m. , the Faculty of Arts area of the university was invaded by vampires, zombies, witches, wizards, ghosts and Count Dracula himself. It was a different and very enthusiastic meeting for the gaveliers. About 15 members from the Gavel Club of Spectrum joined hands with the Gaveliers of the University of Colombo for ‘Galloween’.

The theme being “Insecurity”, gave them an opportunity to talk out loud about their fears, and getting dressed up as the characters one usually does not wish to encounter on a daily basis allowed everyone to face the fear of the supernatural in a more acceptable manner. Toastmaster Arshad was the Evaluator for the Prepared Speeches and Toastmaster Buddhima was the General Evaluator for the day. Their evaluations were comprehensible and effective for everyone, especially for those who wish to do speeches in meetings to come. Gavelier Haadil from Spectrum Institute conducted the Round Robin session. Gavelier Kamali and Gavelier Paba went one step further in completing their Competent Communicator manual.

The Round-Robin session was very successful and the word of the day- ‘Apprehension/Apprehensive’ was used more than twenty times!

Then came the time for the Table-Topics round, conducted by Count Dracula. The topics were as scary and interesting as the Count was. Many diverse and philosophical ideas came up as gaveliers spoke under the topics; “Why I fear vampires?”, “Of witchcraft and love”, “What if the Sun didn’t shine tomorrow”.

It was altogether a meeting jinxed with fun-filled horror. And it did seem that even if the whole world became a haunted place, the gaveliers would still continue their beautiful orations; no matter even if they themselves end up as the walking dead!

‘Galloween’ thus re-established the eternal truth about Gavel, the immortal fact that GAVEL NEVER STOPS.

Gavelier Lilani Anuruddhika | Faculty of Arts | University of Colombo

Capture credits : Malin Ranwala


Win with words –Oration is back !

The most awaited speech contest is here…..It’s the time for the excited UOC audience to cheer, for the next biggest speech contest which will commence soon. The stage is set for the orators to illuminate and boom with their exceptional talents. It’s “ORATION 2017”!

“Oration 2017”, the Annual Intra University Best speaker Competition, is one of the flagship events of the Gavel Club of University of Colombo. It is organized to enhance the communication and leadership skills of our undergraduates. It will unravel the hidden talents of the upcoming young public speakers, while encouraging them to strive towards their goals.

When we turn on the television, we see people speaking in front of crowds or handling reporters with confidence and it all looks effortless. Are they made or are they born?

They may not be orators by profession, but they have proved the fact that they are competent communicators who have the ability to convince a message effectively to an audience.

Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech inspired a nation and broke down racial barriers. Without his leadership and inspiration it may have taken many more years to bring equality to all races. Therefore, Public speaking is a skill that is valuable to all of us no matter what profession we engage in.

Don’t worry if you still don’t have any idea of what public speaking is as we’ve organized a series of workshops before you go on stage. Therefore, you’ll have all the information at your hand to make your speech the best speech !

UOC undergraduates will indeed carry memories for a lifetime from this year’s competition.

Who will be crowned as “The Best Speaker of the Year”? It is time to make your dreams come true.

So what are you waiting for? Surprise your audience. Register for Oration 2017!

For more info, check out our Facebook page as well:

See you there!

“Words have power, words are power, words can be your power !” – Mohamed Qahtani.


Editor |Gavelier Ramalka Kasige | Faculty of Science | University of Colombo


Of Walt Rathnayake and God

What if Walt Disney was Sri Lankan? And what if God was born in Sri Lanka and living here in Colombo right under our noses? Although the former is a spectacle one might witness in a parallel world, the gavaliers of University of Colombo and SLIIT had the good fortune of listening to the ice breaker speech of God AKA Gavalier Pulina at the Disney Themed UOC-SLIIT joint educational meeting held at the Faculty of Arts, last Wednesday.

The meeting started with a very interesting setting where many Gavaliers wore their favourite costumes from Disney characters barring Pixar and some more ranges; which obviously displeased some enthusiastic pixar fans. After the formal proceedings of welcoming the fellow SLIIT gavaliers, the round robin session was held where each member had to speak on the topic of “What if Walt Disney was Sri Lankan?” for 20 seconds, each successor taking up the last word spoken by the predecessor.

The imagination ran wild and as common as it is for a UOC Gavel meeting, many came up with interesting theories as to how Walt Disney would flair in a Sri Lankan setting. The room was clearly divided into two where some people thought he would still make the world stage with stories of Ramayana and Ravana, Reeri yaka and mahasona whereas some gavaliers thought Walt will be left unknown in a remote village painting some murals, or maybe even doing some illicit liquor trade. Gavalier Paba came up with the name Mickey Mudiyanselage Walt Rathnayake which led to some more names being brought of which Walt Disney would have been proud of the imagination level of Sri Lankan Gavaliers!

The prepared speech session started with a bang and “The light” when Gavalier Pulina AKA the God; or the other way around, who am I to judge? ; said “let there be light”. After spellbinding 306 seconds of his booming voice and compulsive storytelling , ‘God’ had indeed earned his place as an assertive speaker in the Gavel club; may be not on the pious side though.

Then it was time for the beautiful Sarah to take the stage. Compelling and captivating, she made sure that we knew she simply doesn’t listen to anyone and her Ice Breaker told us a remarkable story which taught us that life is indeed jumping into your worst fears nose up front and heart in mouth.

After two remarkable and awe-inspiring ice breaker speeches, it was time for the sudden death, the table topic round in which voluntary gavaliers had to pick a hitherto unknown topic and speak on it for two minutes. Being there last week, let me tell you, this is no simple task. However few gavaliers conquered the challenge in mind blowing fashion, whilst gavalier Thisura earned the best laughs and most raucous comments by his inspiring yet picturesque storytelling that some gavaliers received with wild imagination.

After one of the funniest and best gavel educational meetings in 101st meeting UOC Gavel history, it was time to say farewell to the fellow SLIIT gavaliers who shared this most beautiful evening with us. And it was sugar coated indeed, with chocalate cakes and cola.

As the sun went down painting the sky with a golden hue that beat Picasso’s best works, god went to his rat-ridden boarding place. And I walked back home with the memories of a colourful evening filled with pretty princesses, scary Scars and the promise of a feeling. A feeling that I belonged to a beautiful family, away from home.


Gavelier Kashmir Karunanayake | Faculty of Medicine | University of Colombo

Capture credits : Malin Ranwala

The Exuberance of the 100th

 “We’ve made it this far. We can make it through whatever comes next.” — Daniell Koepke.

Assignments, mini projects, viva, internship, matches and many more things for a single week ! Despite all these, UOC Gaveliers found themselves at their best-loved place on every Wednesday evening to spend their time with the gavel family.

This weekly meeting was absolutely a special one because it’s the most important milestone meeting of our gavel journey so far. It was our 100th meeting ! By all means it was a day to celebrate and all of us were really excited for the evening.

Hall no 310 in Faculty of Arts was filled with chit-chats, giggles and laughter of newcomers as well as experienced members.

Madam President; Gavelier Vimukthini started the proceedings of the meeting by welcoming everyone who were present including the newcomers and our dearest past gaveliers.

The proceedings of the meeting was handed over to our Toastmaster of the day, a very special and humble person who was none other than Gavelier Shaik, one of the first members of the Gavel Club and a leading personality behind Gavel UOC.

He took us on the journey of Gavel UOC sharing his diverse experiences as a UOC Gavellier. It was a delight to see how they brought out this club for greater heights.

The round robin session was conducted by Gavelier Althaf and all the gaveliers enjoyed the session to its fullest. Many controversial ideas were expressed by UOC gaveliers blending with the theme ‘Colours’, making the meeting more colourful.

Gavelier Kamali unraveled the remarkable story of Eva Peron with her CC2 in this way:

“She had won the hearts of the poor people of Argentina when she died at a young age of 33. She was outstanding not because of her rise from poverty to fame but because of how she used her influence as a speaker to improve the healthcare and education in Argentina…”

Well, it was indeed really nice to hear her speaking. She conveyed a profound simple message, yet with a moving story.

Things got more excited and curious as an expressive Gavelier stepped on to the stage. “Grab every opportunity you get in your life and make the most of it”. It was the perfect opportunity for her to talk about the lessons she learnt over the past few years as an undergraduate of University of Colombo and what she spoke was purely words of wisdom. Gavelier Charuni was able to steal the audience through her vibrant speech and left a strong message with them.

Then it was time for the Table Topics session. The proceedings were handed over to the Table Topics Master for the day ;Gavelier Harith who took us on a dramatic voyage with his topics. His creative and diverse topics of were centered on the theme “Colours”. The level of enthusiasm was so high that the Gaveliers were eagerly waiting for their chance to speak. After a groovy Table Topics session the Table Topics Master handed over the proceedings back to the Toastmaster.

It was a great day for the Grammarian Gavelier Ramalka as well. All the Gaveliers used good language along with the word of the day ‘’Exuberance”. It was used thirteen times during the meeting.

After hearing the reports of the Timer, the Ah Counter , Gavelier Harith and Gavelier Shaik evaluated the prepared speeches and Gavelier Vimukthini and Gavelier Nishadhi evaluated the table topic speeches. They gave suggestions for all the members in the house to improve in their speeches.

An insightful evaluation was given by Gavelier Farha as the general evaluator, encouraging the speakers further.

Then our beloved madam President took the stage with her lively and radiating energy reminding us to grab our piece of mouth watering chocolate brownies (yum yum!) baked by Gavellier Harith especially for our 100th meeting.

Thus, our 100th Gavel meeting was adjourned on an enthusiastic note with high hopes and plans for meet next week. It was truly a remarkable gathering.

UOC Gaveliers dispersed, bidding everyone a safe journey home, with the intention of gathering again at another blissful meeting.


Editor |Gavelier Ramalka Kasige | Faculty of Science | University of Colombo

Capture credits: Malin Ranwala


Gavel WhatsApp Chat is 200 days old.

Recently we added few new members to our WhatsApp chat and the activity in the group spiked up. Although it was a minor annoyance to see 65+ unread messages in the group everytime you open the app, I was happy that the newcomers have made themselves at home.

But has the Gavel Chat always stayed the same? what happened through the years? I went to find out.

There’s this neat trick of emailing your WhatsApp chats to yourself. You go to any group or a personal chat and you will notice in the settings to email the chat. From that you will get a text file containing the messages, the time it was sent and the sender. Continue reading “Gavel WhatsApp Chat is 200 days old.”

Life Is Your Choice

After thirteen years of primary and secondary education every student sits for the Advanced Level Examination with high expectations for the future. After facing much difficulties we enter in this great University. First, we are so blessed to be here.When considering last fifteen or sixteen years our parents sacrificed and dedicated for our growth. Every parent stand behind our achievement. Our achievements are not ours alone. Because it is a collective effort of a group of people in the society. We came up to this level by their effort and support. Our ambitions are defined by the desires of many people. Therefore, when you become a successful person, you are fulfilling their desires as well. This is not just your dream. It is a victory of a society’s dream. Continue reading “Life Is Your Choice”