Welcome to
the Gavel Club
of the University of Colombo


“Speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel… Speech is power”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Welcome to the official website of the Gavel Club of the University of Colombo

The environment we create for our members is one where they get to be themselves and express themselves with confidence and quick- thinking. We live in a world where communication is essential, and good communication is the key to success. At Gavel UoC, you are provided a safe space and a group of friends that will help you improve in many aspects – with regular attendance and engagement, speaking will be one of your superpowers.

Gavel Club of the University of Colombo has first introduced to uplift the standards of communication, language, and leadership skills of undergraduates. The club is open to all the Faculties and fluency in English is NOT required to join the club. At Gavel, you can be yourself and express your ideas and views to an audience and improve yourself as a communicator as well as a leader.

The Club is an affiliation of Toastmasters International, USA. Following similar Toastmasters club meeting protocols, the Club provides a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop these skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. The
Club currently has a membership of over 65 undergraduates from 6 faculties.

Our Gavellers are regular participants of speech competitions organized by various clubs. The Club’s biggest achievements to date were the organization of the first-ever Intra- University Best Speaker Competition of the University of Colombo ‘Oration 2016’ and the first-ever all-island humorous and speech evaluation competition for the youth of Sri Lanka ‘Enliven 2017’. Under the motto of Gavel Never Stops, the Club caters to a wide variety of individuals by organizing regular workshops conducted by distinguished Toastmasters as well as speakers. One other initiative of the Club is Gavel under the
Trees is a creative and innovative platform, designed solely to improve the overall Gavel experience by providing a platform for an insightful discussion in a leisurely environment.
The Club meets at least once every week and it has some new and exciting plans for the upcoming year. So come join us!