A Retreat Among the Trees

In true Gavelier fashion, a handful of members of the University of Colombo Gavel Club set out to conquer the rainforests of Kanneliya on the 24th of August, with enthusiasm at a boiling point, enough to tip the scales from mediocre to slightly mad.

What followed the boarding of our bus was a two-hour journey where the Bold took their turn re-enacting poignant moments of their lives, with gleeful onlookers cheering at the right moments. If you got into the bus not knowing anyone, it was guaranteed that by the time you arrived at Kanneliya, you knew everyone by name and by at least one personality trait.

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Music was also a medium of entertainment for our ragtag crew of twenty two – passionate ballads were sung; we all, at some point, pretended we were in a music video while looking out the window into the green unknown and of course, a mini dance party took place to everyone’s delight.

What happens when UoC Gavel decides to go hiking for two hours? Mayhem, hilarity and just plain fun. Battling the uncertainty that leeches could be on our bodies at any given point and for some people, having that nightmare realized (which certainly did not ease the minds of the rest of us); hiking up a beautiful pathway with a canopy of trees and a light drizzle of rain to dissipate the stress of the last semester, climbing rocks and challenging ourselves to get closer to a waterfall without falling in the process (something this writer failed at epically, twice), catching up with old friends and making new ones whilst walking with nature, creating inside jokes and helping each other through caves, muddy slopes and waterways, taking an icy dip in the stream and revelling in the fact that the tide could take us away at any moment, walking in the rain, making memories at every point – that was what our Gavel Club trip was about, in a nutshell.

We are the type of people to pose for a group photo on a road frequented by vehicles and actually force a gigantic bus to come to a screeching halt just so we could have our picture taken. We are the type of people who will, at one point, talk about absolute nonsense but switch to talking about life, people and perceptions in a blink of an eye – the point is, we’re very good at talking, and our time is just another Table Topics session.

After we bid goodbye to Kanneliya, we were graciously hosted for evening tea and cake by our very own Gavelier Thanushi’s family in Galle. After that, we were on our way back – the journey back to Colombo was littered with philosophical debates, imitations of popular movie characters, exchanging ideas and being a family of individuals hailing from all ends of the country, engaging with each other in the true spirit of Gavel comradery and friendship.

Many of us didn’t have to worry about organizing this excursion because Gavelier Sekha, along with Gavelier Uresha handled all the details and planned everything brilliantly – we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly, and we have them to thank from the bottom of our content hearts.

Safe to say, The 2019 Gavel Club trip was a smash success, and will serve as a target to achieve in future trips, for sure. Kanneliya was a memorable delight, and we learnt much about each other; and more than anything, it was reaffirmed that Gavel truly Never Stops.


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