Journey Hotline: Mr. Warren Manuel

Everyone knows that the gavel club was born to improve English and public speaking skills of all the undergraduates at University of Colombo. But who here knows that it has its different shades where it taps into untethered areas of other unfathomable skills?
In order to expand the horizons of Gavel Club, we started an online series named “Journey Hotline”, a combination of interviews from past gaveliers which drive to inspire young minds to the spectrum of public speaking where anyone and everyone can listen, be heard, and speak up!
The first session was privileged to interview Mr. Warren Manuel who is not only good at public speaking but also was nominated for the International Photography Award where he captures the breath-taking photos. He was more than thrilled to be back at the gavel club where he not only shared his past memories but also tips on how to lead a successful life and career.
It was noted that there is a whole misconception of public speaking which is that it is all about speaking in front of a large crowd. But it’s not just that. It’s about the ability to translate what’s there in your head into words in a concise manner. He went onto say that public speaking doesn’t only help in putting forth your ideas but also face an interview successfully or to think on your own and organize your thoughts.
Now, do you want to know the main tip of becoming a successful individual in public speaking? guessed it right. Its practice. No matter what the challenges are: it can be either you stutter or you have stage fright. If you practice, you can surely overcome them. A funny thing is that its exactly like swimming. You should know the basic steps but if you don’t really jump in the pool, you wouldn’t know how it feels right? That’s exactly like public speaking. Unless you step up and do your first CC speech or take up a table topic, that’s when you will learn to grow.
This is rather interesting, isn’t it? A normal club that hosts weekly meetings holds so much more meaning and value to our lives. It can either be the meetings under the trees (when corona wasn’t actually there to ruin lives?) or it can be the CC speeches or it can be bonding over plain tea sessions. But I’m sure that everyone who has attended even one meeting has found some inspiration or a reliable mentor/friend that you can trust. The shades of Gavel club don’t stop there. It also helps us in gaining valuable experiences and skills such as organizing, project management that will assist in skyrocketing our career.
All in all, the first session of the Journey Hotline series concluded successfully where we learnt the best phrase and quote of all!
Let’s all say it… Yes, You can make a speech in front of anyone and everyone. Yes, You can stop being average and be an exemplary public speaker. Yes, You can become a fearless leader who inspires and helps others grow. YES!! YOU CAN!

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