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“Excuse me…. Oh sorry…,please excuse me! Can you let me go?I’m in a hurry.” “Today, however I should find where he is going. At this time the streets are always crowded by hundreds of people. So he easily disappears among them.” I  was thinking while hardly trying to follow him, bumping into people. This is […]
The speed meter sprinted without turning back.The seat belt held me firmly on to the grey seat.I kicked off a ride with no way of turning back.I tuned on the stereo to keep up with the beat. Through the highway with the radio on I sensed,An unusual loneliness creeping into my heart.The streetlights flashed, flickered […]
The fear of the unknownThat creeps up your spineIt steals your smileAnd etiolates youThe fear of the unknownThat eats you aliveIt steals your dreamsAnd makes you futileThe fear of the unknownIs a menaceWhich wrings outSilently the lifeAnd that is whyThey sayFear not – for whateverthe future holdsWould be for the bestTake it day by dayDon’t […]
Books, or the world I saw, real or utopian? Left me with a question, with that dubious action. Massive or micro, already a puzzle, I was in a quest, huzzle and buzzle. Opened the eyes in that mystic hole, With no identity and blank as gone. Eyes amazed, they asked me for my name, “I […]
The bell rang and the bus hit the brakes. The peanut man got on the bus and started chanting his ritual, “Peanuts! Peanuts! Baked peanuts! 100 rupees per bag! Only 100 rupees!”. Some old ladies delightfully bought them. I nonchalantly looked away and closed my eyes. They flew open as I heard Thaththa’s voice called […]
The morning alarm struck, and I jumped out of my bed, In haste as a busy man, to welcome a brand-new year. Squash, smash and splash, kitchen sounds came voiced, My darling mom stood icing my birthday cake, in sugar. “Happy 20th my dear loving young woman”, she wished, As I sat beside her to […]
That specific shade of green you get on some tree leaves, that color which transforms the sunlight that penetrates through it into something vibrant and optimistic, filling the environment with positivity, is truly one of the small things in life worth enjoying. Having a Gavel discussion under such an environment was truly magical and heightened […]
They turn to right Get ready for the fight Launching of the claim Spread their vainglory How much do they earn Can you remember their humble yearn Are heard in this bluffing feast Which are blowing towards the opposite east They do not know in life they play Once the breath is gone our return […]
Give my road… Instead of all illusions; I got fooled, yes! I was fooled, The flame ignite through my bones, Always get covered by my ice cold destiny. Yeah dude! My poor heart has burnt by you, destiny…. Again, Again & Again Dear flame…, Though you make me smile, When you stay by my side; […]
Golden rays tinkle my face, as I take my usual walk, Around the fragrant garden, in the morning hours. The bees ,butterflies and birds hover gayly over, Flamboyant flowers, rapidly as Olympic sprinters. In a deadly silent corner of the noisy, moistly loan, Dozes off a messy posy of light purple spiky flowers. Dripple-drippy and […]