Gavel Squid Ghouls

The 236th Educational meeting of Gavel UOC was graced with the presence of ghouls, demons, anime characters, and masked Soldiers for the late-night Halloween meeting inspired by the sensational show: “Squid Game”.

The meeting commenced with the president, soldier Susara calling the meeting to order. Then the controls were handed over to the TMOD, soldier Nipuni who introduced the theme of the occasion: “Squid Ghouls”. Our gaveliers were about to go head to head in a series of non-lethal games; lose a game and you’re eliminated! But win them all, and expect a grand prize at the end!

Next up, the General evaluator, GV Thanushi introduced herself and her role followed by the Timer GV Piyumali, Ah-Counter GV Buddhika, and Grammarian GV Dewmini introducing themselves and their roles as well. The Grammarian moved on to introduce the word of the day: “Ominous” which followed suit the vibe of the meeting to come.

GV Piravena proceeded to conduct the first game: “Red light, Green light”, where the reflex and listening skills of our Gaveleiers were put to the test.

Next, the Round-Robin session was conducted by the Round-Robin Master GV Pansilu, where our Gaveliers had to come up with freaky stories! GV Pansilu was assi犀利士5mg sted by the Breakout room Round robin masters: GV Samadhi, GV Dewmini, and GV Hasna and the timers GV Nanduni, GV Sharon, and GV Sandul.

The second game: “Finish last, live long” was conducted by soldier Susara. This game was a test of wits; and managed to cut down the competitors by half! Next up, the Frontman herself; Dewmini carried out the “Whisper Challenge” where everyone got a chance to take part and show off their improv skills.

GV Chamishka proceeded to carry out the third game: “Maze Runner”, where the remaining players contested to show off the power of their steady hands. The games took an interesting turn when the TT Master: soldier Chandula, came up with a twist; to proceed, the remaining players had to volunteer for a Table Topic!

After the daring volunteers gave incredible speeches they had to face the penultimate round; albeit the most daring one; “Do you dare”, conducted by the Joker himself, GV Buddhika. Each of the remaining contestants had to complete an embarrassing dare to move forward, and all the participants no doubt enjoyed the session.

After a final vote; GV Samadhi and GV Luqman were chosen to be the finalists of the games, and soldier Chandula put their smarts to the test with a game of Connect4. After a tense game, Player_047:GV Luqman triumphed and was crowned the “Squid Ghoul” of the year!

After the Timer, Ah-Counter, TT evaluators, Grammarian and the General Evaluator gave their reports at midnight, the fun-fiesta was concluded on a new day, with the final remarks by the president, GV Susara. The midnight oil burning, coffee lovers proceeded to carry out the first-ever “early morning Coffee session” afterward.

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