The Unofficial Gavel Outing

When I was reading the great blog articles recently posted by my fellow Gaveliers, I felt that there is a missing piece in the Gavel experience that they were talking about, which needs to be added in the Gavel blog. That is, none other than our cluster of Gavel outings. There are several outings we have had before this quarantine, but I’d like to tell you about this one particular day out.

This was the fourth week of February and we were on our university vacation. We got to the hotel where we had planned to have the day out at around 9am, and had a chit chat about our blissful vacation. Since all the Gaveliers were much concerned about their skin, all were saying that we better get to the pool before noon. So everyone got to the pool first. Unfortunately not all the Gaveliers couldn’t swim, but that wasn’t a bottleneck for a moment. We were having all the fun in the world. For instance, I was frightened that we would be kicked out of the pool because of all the noise we were making. Luckily we didn’t face such an incident.

After the pool session we had lunch and it was delicious. Then we headed to the room and sang all kinds of songs for over an hour. And we didn’t forget to take crazy selfies. In the evening, one of my favorite Gaveliers came up with an idea to play a card game named “UNO”. I had never played that game and I was like “meh!”, because I thought a card game would ruin the moment I was having by watching the beautiful dusk over the shore while enjoying my iced coffee. I couldn’t believe that after playing just two rounds of UNO all the Gaveliers were beyond hyped, and we continued to play UNO ’till it’s quite late and time to leave. I wanted to personally thank the Gavelier who organized this outing, because the fun we had is immeasurable.

I remember the moment we wished “farewell Gaveliers!”, because we were stepping into a month-long vacation. I still can feel the joy of the moments we had, the joy we shared and most importantly, the love and caring we found that will stay with us till the end of the line.

I told you all this not to make you feel envy, but to show that us Gaveliers are not a bunch of geeks who just speak on the stage. We are creative, hyperactive young minds who are ready to take up the challenge, to give power to the words, to influence, inspire and transform the lives of thousands of people around the globe. So, thank you for reading until the very end of my blog post. I hope that now you know, that we do not just say our slogan; “Gavel never stops”. We meant it. (Oh, Wait, wait.! This is like a post credit scene in a MARVEL movie. Continue reading, it will be worthy.)

You might be wondering if the Gavel outings are the next level of plain tea sessions, then you are quite correct. If you have guessed that this is all the good time we had and are going to have in Gavel, well, you’re very wrong. Hiking trips, Camp fires, Sports days and a lot of things are in our agenda. If you are not A GAVELIER yet, well, someone’s about to miss a lot of fun!


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