10 Lessons from Gavel

1. Everyone sucks at something.

   Whether it’s the person sitting next to you or that speaker on stage who’s so inspiring everyone’s a garbage fire and that’s okay.

2. Our lives are boring.

    At face value, no one’s life is as exciting as the stories they say. We’re a bunch of boring people. (Why else did we get into public speaking?) It’s how we look at our monotonous lives that matter.

3. No idea is too weird … 

    … if you’re with the right people.

4. Being a center of attention is fun.

    You might think it’s scary but that’s because you haven’t practiced enough. Do it a few times and犀利士 revel in the compliments and attention.

5. Lying to people is easy.

    As long as you are confident, use proper stage movement, and use stories.

6. Get rid of all your ugly photos,

    Or they will come back to haunt you. (Ask anyone about my installation) 

7. You’re not as awesome as you think you are.

    Be humble and work hard or some ugly guy will come and win your speech competition out of nowhere.

8. Judging people can be fun.

    But apparently there’s a right way to do it and that can help people. Give it a try.

9. Being funny is hard.

    Everyone’s a comic till they have to deliver a speech in front of an audience so work on your jokes.

10. There’s a time and place for dramatic gestures … 

    … but your speech is not the best place to try out your new moves. Be natural, be calm, and have fun. This is not a performance.


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