Ready to laugh your heart out? Enliven is back!

Are you sick of staying at home sitting in front of your computer with heaps of homework and assignments to do? Hope you all are desperate for some relaxation with a bit of fun! So, the wait is over… Enliven is back!

Enliven 2021 is definitely the biggest speech contest that the whole audience was waiting for. Now, the stage is set for all the talented orators to reveal their hidden talents and capabilities. Also, this time, it will be held in a virtual platform via Zoom due to the current situation of the country and it will be a novel experience too.

This is an All-Island English Language Humorous Speech and Evaluation competition, which is one of the major events conducted by the Gavel Club of University of Colombo. The aim of organizing this event would be to develop the oratory skills as well as the communication capabilities of the speakers.

Laughter is good medicine. If you can bring a smile to someone’s face using your words that is truly worthy and amazing. Also, humor is a taste enjoyed by human beings, overall, as a species. The aim of a humorous speech should be not only to make the audience dive into a sea of laughter but also to pass a serious message using humor.

Evaluation contest is basically organized to improve the evaluating and analyzing skills of the contestants. They will have to think critically as well as creatively and come up with proper evaluations on the humorous speeches done, within a shorter time frame.

The competition will be held under two categories as school category and the university category. Enliven was first held in 2017 which was a remarkable point in the history of Gavel UoC. The latest one was held in 2019 which conquered another milestone in this event series. 

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In the Junior Category, Best Evaluator was Agbo Pethiyagoda and the best humorous speech speaker was Thiloka Kuragama.

In the Senior Category, the Best Evaluator was Nadarasar Bhavan and the best humorous speaker was Pramodi Herath.

Enliven 2019 was such a success that it remains in the minds of all gaveliers as well as the participants. No doubt, Enliven 2021 will also be a glorious event that catches the hearts of everyone.

Still, wondering how to do a proper humorous speech or an evaluation? No worries! We are already working to organize an online workshop in January 2021, done by the specialists in the field and it will provide you knowledge as well as build up your confidence to face the competition successfully. Having the competition in a virtual platform will be a new experience for the contestants, but have no doubts, we, at Gavel UoC, are there to help you out with all the relevant technical aspects once the competition begins and technology would not be a barrier at any time to reveal your talents.

Everything will be new until it is done for the first time in your life. Doors of registration are now open for Enliven 2021 and it is the right time to give yourself a chance to see what your actual potentials are. Register today itself for your life-changing competition, Enliven 2021, which is certainly going to be Legend….wait for it….dary!!!! Legendary!

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Hope to see you there!


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