Making memories that last forever!

“Journey Hotline”, an online series started by the Gavel Club of University of Colombo, is a combination of interviews from past gaveliers which drives to inspire young minds to the spectrum of public speaking where anyone and everyone can listen, be heard, and speak up!

We all know that we have gotten only one life. One chance to make it all matter. In order to emphasize this fact, we have invited none other than Ramalka Kasige, the gavelier who made memories and tried different things in both writing and public speaking spectrums. It is a known fact that writing and public speaking allow all of us to express our thoughts on different aspects of life.

Ramalka Kasige was an inspiring gavelier who showcased her talents and won first place for impromptu speech for three years consecutively. I mean if that’s not an achievement what else is? She was an amazing person to be interviewed as she did not just give her thoughts on blogging and public speaking but she also showed her side of thinking on the spot. In the game session Name it! She was very quick to answer all questions in a matter of few seconds which showed why she did win 威而鋼 the title for impromptu speech.

Memories are timeless treasures of our hearts. People will forget what you said. People will forget what you do. But they will never forget how you made them feel. This was the most important point for any gavelier. No matter the CC speeches or table topics you do, it all comes down to how you made the audience feel. Ramalka Kasige went on to say that within the time limit if you deliver a speech around a core message with a story to it, any member of the audience would remember it! It is important that you inspire, give hope and courage to the audience through your story!

But is that all for an individual to reach his/her pinnacle in public speaking? No..there is more to it. According to the saying “Practice makes perfect”, we all should rehearse, rehearse and rehearse. It should start with part by part for your speech where you come up with the necessary vocal variations, facial expressions, and hand gestures. Then after figuring all that, you should practice the whole speech. And to be the best, it is okay to get help from your mentors! They are always ready to help you no matter what.

That brings me to the next question, who here has stage fright? Or thinks you cannot do a speech because of fear? I sure do! But until you get on the stage and do your speech, you are never going to realize if you have stage fright. Until you try it, how would you know? To overcome this, the best advice Ramalka Kasige gave was “You are the king on that stage. You have the power to make the audience feel inspired! So if you want to do it then go ahead and do it!” Don’t stop yourself from trying out different things in life. Whether it is doing your CC1 speech or whether it is taking up roles in the meeting. Just do it! Take up the opportunity and make a memory out of it! Make the audience remember your message!



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