Journey Hotline: ManiYa

In another episode of the Journey Hotline, everyone was looking forward to know who will join us this time and, it was none other than Mr. Manitha Abeysiriwardhana, best known as ‘ManiYa’ who has achieved so much in the online world thanks to his uniqueness and creativity. The interview was filled with lots of insights on public speaking, especially given the fact that everything nowadays happens in a virtual ‘arena’, there was so much to learn as gaveliers.

 He shared his thoughts and experiences on the fact that he was an introvert but still has been able to become an excellent YouTuber, gave the message that even introverts can become really good speakers as well as entertainers if they have the passion for it.

Moving further he pointed out the general mistakes everyone tends to do, as such how to avoid them.

Firstly, Looking at the display instead of the webcam should not be done. Instead, it is important to look at the webcam so that the audience feels more connected.

Secondly, Always keep in mind that there’s an audience on the other end of your screen. So, speak to the audience.

Creativity has always played a major part in his life since his childhood and he has been fond of story building. As he stated understanding the audience and being humble enough to re-think mistakes are two key advantageous qualities that a public speaker should have apart from confidence and fearlessness.

  Being a YouTuber he was asked the question of what inspired him to start all this work. For that, he added the story of how he was inspired by the two most talented YouTubers which shows that one can always learn from others and try out things that we love to do. Evidently, there are many YouTubers nowadays which makes things much more competitive.  However, as for ManiYa it should not be a reason to avoid doing something that you are truly passionate about doing. More so the uniqueness can overcome any obstacle as well as any competition or challenge in any platform.

 The interview came to an end with one of the most valuable insights, that is, if you want to do something worth doing, you should do it regardless of what others say or think. Eventually when you succeed others will embrace the goodness in your work. This was not only related to public speaking but also on how to achieve your dreams regardless of any obstacle that might come in your way.

Passion, creativity, uniqueness, and hard work can make anything possible…!!!


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