“The Sorting hat in Gavel”

Here’s which Hogwarts house you belong to, based on how you handle the Grammarian Role.

 “Hmmmm…difficult, very difficult. Plenty of courage I see. Not a bad mind, either. There’s talent, oh yes. And a thirst to prove yourself. But where to put you?”

 For those of you, new to Gavel, the Grammarian aka the ‘Grammar Boss’, ‘Language-Chief’, ‘W-O-D Police’, is in charge of the Word of the Day more commonly known as WOD. The Grammarian “urges”- gently or maybe not so gently- to use this word as much as possible. Explains the meaning and gives us an example of how it is used.

 Do they stop there? No way.

 The Grammarian also notes down great usage of grammar- so if you have quirky remarks, witty phrases, or inspirational quotes up your sleeve, and even an interesting metaphor, don’t hesitate to drop it in while you speak and the Grammarian will surely applaud you in their report. They will also identify the little slip-ups of grammar and teach us how to say it right! 

 Here’s a breakdown of what house you will be in based on how you play the Grammarian role.

 1. Gryffindor

 The brave and the courageous. These Grammarians are out to save the day. They will be motivating you throughout the meeting reminding you to use the WOD as much as possible. Chivalrous to the core, they will go that extra step, to find a WOD of the day that’s definitely going to bump up your vocabulary. 

 2. Ravenclaw

 The smartest of the bunch. They know they’re smart. You know they’re smart. Everyone in the meeting knows they are smart. These witty grammarians with their unique sense of humor will come up with the most outlandish words you have ever heard. Be it “Bibliography”, “Nefarious” or “Mellifluous”, the words they come up with are sure to impress you and anyone else you plan to charm once you learn the word yourself.

 3. Hufflepuff

 The gentle-hearted yet strong-willed, ever eager to help you out. These ever-loyal Grammarians will stay true to their role and give life to words that we would usually overlook. These underdogs will definitely add color to the meeting with a reliable and dependable WOD. 

 4. Slytherin

 Not Slytherin?? Well, WHY NOT?!

 From “gobbledygook” to “jentacular” to “scrumptious” to “valorous”, the Slytherin Grammarians with their sly wit and Machiavellian persona will come up with the most frivolous words ever. If nothing else, you’ll have a good laugh while learning a quirky new word that will definitely come in handy in conversations out to impress. 

 Wanna find out which Hogwarts House you belong to? Either you missed this week’s meeting or not, Just take up the role of Grammarian in the next meeting and cap樂威壯 tivate, fascinate and enlighten your audience with a word of your choice.  

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