Journey Hotline: Sharon Mascarenhas

“The Voice is my Pride, my competency, my mightiness.” She is a talented, iconic individual in the media industry. She has enthusiastic vocal codes with an amazing personality. She is a news anchor, TV presenter, compere, host, dubbing & voice artist as well as a marketing manager and charted person in IT. So, without further inquisitiveness, the latest Journey Hotline biography goes to Sharon Mascarenhas.

Sharon symbolized felicitous conversation and charismatic energy in front of our interviewer. It was an inspiring beginning, came up with her own fashion. “I am not a camera-shy guy and I ensure that there’s never a dull moment when I’m on the screen. I can grab the attention of my audience by keeping my viewers awake.” She memorized her spectrum of past moments one by one. This is a kind fantastic opportunity for daily updates, a blend of every field in terms of broadcasting.

She has had the pleasure of engaging in various events for over 20 years and has won many awards and accolades in the entertainment industry. Her first passion is news reading as an anchor. She has covered news reporting from election updates to informal and formal live reports.

Sharon has performed in different studios. Having worked with Local and International Clients, English medium compering and announcing for State functions, Corporate Product Launches, Sales Conventions, Annual Awards, Fundraisers, Fashion Shows, Musical Shows and events, Emcee for Dinner Dances, Sing-a-longs, Cocktails, and other events and Functions.

Is her destination full of splendid stories? Not a chance! Like everyone else, Sharon Mascarenhas also pursued her journey through numerous obstacles.

When particularly focusing on the media industry, males are dominating. It made her go under a lot of undercutting and pressure. It is such an unpleasant clash. She says that at times gender discrimination influenced both men and women severely.

Nevertheless, she stood up conquering captivity, raising her armour.

Once she mentioned her father’s funeral. It was unendurable and stabbed her soul gravely. Obviously, it was psychological and emotional damage for her. Mascarenhas’s tragic mind woke up at that moment.

“While I was suffering from covid, I lost my vocals, lungs got strung,” Sharon uttered. After upskilling voice trains, she could brush up on projection, articulation, pitch, performance, so and so. “Seek transparency via your sound, hit on the spot” this is what I grasped from that gorgeous lady. Her keenness is thundering.

In constant day-to-day life as a presenter, we have to be cautious as always with the names, titles, diction, vocabulary, facial expression, eye contact, and vocal variations. You need to study and practice. She never seems to get tired of it. On the other hand, give dignity to the people you work with, and respect the craft you work for.

Subsequently, Sharon pointed out how to create branded CV by ourselves. Since our childhood, we invest in something preserved. Chase yourself, and do each and every endeavour you really determine and love. It is extremely important to be multi-skilled. You will sometimes be unnoticed but have to find a way to break the ice, have to be super prepared for anything to fall on you. Be grateful forward. Nothing is impossible. Because the cactus is also blooming.

In essence, she is yet another captivating personality we got to know with the Journey Hotline series of Gavel UOC. Sharon Mascarenhas is a queen of the media industry. Her characteristics are stunning. All of us are thankful to her for giving us such a glamorous chat.


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