A Guide to Evaluation Speeches

For many, evaluations just may sound like giving feedback. But do you know that there is an art involved when presenting your evaluation?

This guide is all about some tricks and tips which I keep in mind before I deliver an Evaluation at a competition. This is just what I follow and I myself got the help I need from various evaluation workshops I would like to pass my gratitude to TM Mohamed Yasir and TM Chamin Athauda whose workshops have inspired me to come up with this guide. So I hope you find this useful.

Furthermore, if you would like to listen to the Enliven Evaluation Workshop conducted by TM Mohamed Yasir please follow this link: https://youtu.be/__dhpO-bPU0

Now let’s dive right into this guide!

Before the test speech

  1. Go through the guidelines of the competition carefully. 
  2. Observe the Speech Evaluation criteria and ballot sheets and understand them. This step is crucial in understanding what the judges are looking for.
  3. Watch Speech Evaluations of world champions on Youtube. Observe their techniques, and performance and learn from them.
  4. Practice giving evaluations for speeches on youtube. Get help from fellow speakers and understand different points of view.

During the test speech

  1. Listen carefully from the point at which the contest chair announces the speaker. Try your level best to catch the speaker’s name and the topic and jot it down on the paper.
  2. Observe the speaker from the time he/she steps on the stage and make sure all of your senses are focused on the speaker.
  3. Divide the paper into two parts and write the points you enjoy on one side(commendations) and the points of improvement (recommendations) on the other. 
  4. Make sure to jot down examples. Eg: The speaker used wordplay to his advantage like Alliteration – ‘Comedy connotes confidence’.
  5. Avoid writing too many points as it might distract you from observing the speaker.

After the test speech

  1. Divide the bottom part of your paper again into two. This time in the first column write the 3 commendations which you will be presenting and the 2 recommendations in the second column.犀利士 i>
  2. While choosing the above points make sure you select important ones which you could talk about. (What did the Speaker do well? How did the Speaker do that? Why did it influence the Effectiveness?)
  3. Plan your presentation – Your opening (concise but related to the speech), Body – 3 commendations, 2 recommendations, Summary (summarize all the points you told during the body of the speech)
  4. Have a quick rundown in your mind about the flow of your speech. 

During your Evaluation

  1. Make sure you are encouraging during your evaluation.
  2. If the test speaker is in the venue/zoom meeting with you, look at him/her from time to time and acknowledge the test speaker’s presence. But on the whole, you will be looking at the audience because remember although this is an evaluation, it is a speech in itself. So make sure the audience is engaged.
  3. Be aware of the timing. Make sure to not talk about commendations after the green card is shown as you will run out of time for your recommendations.
  4. Be flexible enough to change your points around if time becomes an issue. If the green card is shown and you are still at the second point of commendation, decide to go ahead with 2 commendations and 1 recommendation instead. Remember that when the red card is shown you should have started your summary. Time management is crucial in not getting disqualified or not being able to give a summary at the end of your speech. 
  5. End with a summary and make sure your last line of the speech is encouraging and positive. Remember the motive of evaluations is to make the speaker feel proud of their effort and inspired to continue speaking.

That’s the end of the guide and I hope it was helpful. However much you learn, you wouldn’t perfect the art of evaluation if you don’t practice. Practice practice and practice and explore the magic of evaluations!

Good luck on your Evaluation and public speaking journey! May the odds forever be in your favor!

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