A Plea for Mercy

After the industrial revolution, the world became narrow. Nowadays the people in the world are running and running in search of wealth. When they are searching wealth, they are losing their health. If they lose their health, definitely they will lose their happiness. The level of satisfaction on happiness differs from person to person according to their potential. For example, some people are satisfied with the fulfillment of their basic needs most of the time. But on the other hand, some are never satisfied with the things they have.
Man is a social animal and every human is a unit of the society. So everyone should realize their responsibilities in the society. Everyone should do their deeds according to their conscious. If everyone realizes each human is a sibling of them the world will become peaceful. Nowadays most of the problems are arisen out of the self-centered, self-oriented thinking of the people. These people only think about themselves. They will never consider about others.
Nowadays children don’t respect their parents. But if we go to an orphanage we can see how the children are yearning for love. I kindly request you to love and respect your parents and siblings. In the current situation the children in the whole world are facing poverty. Many children are suffering to complete their fundamental education. But without considering this, we celebrate the Children’s Day. There would be a function at the main hall about child rights. Many guests will speak about child rights and child abuse. But in the outside, there would be a child, selling sweets and wade. It’s my kind request to cherish children and to protect them; they are the Future Leaders.
Annai Theresa is praised as Mother Theresa for her selfless service and benevolent on children. If she married she could have had only one or two children. But due to her compassion for children, she is praised as “Mother” by the whole world. So love serves all to have a peaceful world.

Gavelier Thangavadivel Nirusan


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