The Gavel Club of the University of Colombo experienced what it means to be ‘dead’ last Thursday.  The 106th Gavel meeting held on 26th of October, as a joint meeting with the ‘Spectrum’ Institute, celebrated Halloween by naming the meeting “Galloween”. By 4.00p.m. , the Faculty of Arts area of the university Read more…

Gavel WhatsApp Chat is 200 days old.

Recently we added few new members to our WhatsApp chat and the activity in the group spiked up. Although it was a minor annoyance to see 65+ unread messages in the group everytime you open the app, I was happy that the newcomers have made themselves at home.

But has the Gavel Chat always stayed the same? what happened through the years? I went to find out.

There’s this neat trick of emailing your WhatsApp chats to yourself. You go to any group or a personal chat and you will notice in the settings to email the chat. From that you will get a text file containing the messages, the time it was sent and the sender. (more…)

Life Is Your Choice

After thirteen years of primary and secondary education every student sits for the Advanced Level Examination with high expectations for the future. After facing much difficulties we enter in this great University. First, we are so blessed to be here.When considering last fifteen or sixteen years our parents sacrificed and dedicated for our growth. Every parent stand behind our achievement. Our achievements are not ours alone. Because it is a collective effort of a group of people in the society. We came up to this level by their effort and support. Our ambitions are defined by the desires of many people. Therefore, when you become a successful person, you are fulfilling their desires as well. This is not just your dream. It is a victory of a society’s dream. (more…)

The Journey of My Life

According to you I am a Final Year student of Science Faculty, University of Colombo. But the story behind me is very interesting.

I am the eldest son of my family. I have a younger sister. Beginning from my primary education I performed well in Studies. I got 162 in my grade five Scholarship Examination through which I got admission to Jaffna Hindu College in Grade Six. It is one of the famous national schools in Jaffna. (more…)