The Meaning behind Cultural Festivals

Festivals are celebrated to enhance mutual understanding among people. Each and every citizen in our country celebrates their festivals according to their capability and means. The rich people will buy new clothes and new goods for their houses in each instance. But there are lots of people, who are in need of help to satisfy their basic needs.

Some people don’t have at least one meal per day. The other side of festivals is sharing and caring. Festivals are not all about wearing new dresses and visiting friends, but also about caring and sharing with those who need help.
Nowadays youths involve in some social services with enthusiasm and are willing to share their knowledge and talents with the society. They involve in plantation. It is very important to make our world a greener place. Some youths visit children’s homes and elders’ homes and celebrate their festivals with them by spending the whole day with them. We also can visit to orphanages.

They are yearning for love and kindness. No need to spend lots of money. We can spend some time with them instead. So I hope, from the following day, we will celebrate our festivals with mutual understanding to make a harmonious country.

Gavelier Thangavadivel Nirusan


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