Life Is Your Choice

After thirteen years of primary and secondary education every student sits for the Advanced Level Examination with high expectations for the future. After facing much difficulties we enter in this great University. First, we are so blessed to be here.When considering last fifteen or sixteen years our parents sacrificed and dedicated for our growth. Every parent stand behind our achievement. Our achievements are not ours alone. Because it is a collective effort of a group of people in the society. We came up to this level by their effort and support. Our ambitions are defined by the desires of many people. Therefore, when you become a successful person, you are fulfilling their desires as well. This is not just your dream. It is a victory of a society’s dream.

However our society believes that their children can mould their future only through Education. That is why parents compel their children to study. Are we studying for our day today Survival only? No we are not studying for our meals thrice a day. You are not just a student of this University. Your Life is an inspiration for someone in the society. Someone is watching you from some corner in the society. Your life is a story to tell someone in the society. That’s why you have to educate yourself. The reason I am telling this is because when we select a Course to enrol in the University, we usually select the one we like yet we forget to ask ourselves, “is this Course easy to study?” Do we have work opportunities when we finish this Course?  So According to the society’s view Education is a path of making money. But According to the student’s view, education is a path to enjoy life. So life is your choice. It is your Future.

First of all, when choosing a course, you should love it. Currently, it is field that is popular among people. Civil Engineering and Quantity Surveying are other leading fields. So Market determines the demand of every job. Market changes the demand of every of job from time to time.

Secondly, think why you love this course? What are your strengths? Are you already fluent in that field? Or you have some particular interest in that field? Because every person was created by God with a unique characteristic. So you should know what your uniqueness is. Even with twins we can find some different characteristics. By this, God gives us a great message. You are a unique person. You have some uniqueness. Anyone else doesn’t have that so don’t forget this truth.

Thirdly, think how you can serve the society by choosing that field? Because we are who we are today because of the collective effort of the society. So it is our Responsibility to contribute the society in the future. So believe in yourself. Don’t underestimate your capability and personality. Even though we have the capability to run 100 km per hour we decide the task to run only 50 km per hour. Change is the only inevitable factor in our life. Confidence and hard work are the key factors of success. I wish you a successful life.

Thank you


Gavelier Nirusan Thangavadivel | Faculty of Science | University of Colombo


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