How Gavel Inspires Me

“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it”
– Bob Dylan-

Inspiration is a fact that keeps us moving forward, and makes us a better version of ourselves. As undergraduates, you might sometimes feel demotivated, unfocused, or bored due to the heavy workload that you have to carry every single day. Finding inspiration in that environment is kind of hard. That is one of the reasons I always seek the Gavel Club. I wanted to find someplace with inspiration.

Gavel Club is this amazing place where you get inspired and at the same time where you can inspire others. May it be a Prepared Speech, a Table Topic, or even a simple Meeting Role that you play; one can get inspired
by them without any doubt.

Despite whether you are a busy bee or a lazy daisy, it’s not going to be easy if you show the slightest intention of delivering a prepared speech as the VP Education and犀利士 the EXCO will not let you slip away that easily. I find that inspirational. What is more important is that it’s hard to find people who actually inspire us. But in the gavel club, we get a chance to listen to other speakers, get inspired by them, and also to inspire others through our speeches. As far as I feel one of the most challenging sessions in the Gavel Educational Meeting is the “Table Topics Session” where we have to make a two-minute impromptu speech.

I believe that speeches are only one way of inspiration. What I find more inspirational are the Evaluations Sessions. We all like to be appreciated and to find where we could have done better. Hence, when you get the opportunity to listen to what you have done best in your speech and the areas that you can improve on, from someone with a great appreciation, it gives the motivation to do more and more speeches. And also, even when it comes to ‘role players’, everyone listens to their reports and treats every single one as wanted and important. I think nothing can inspire someone more than these.

There are some days where I walk into the meeting with no hope or sometimes have totally given up on myself. Yet, I walk away with a lot of motivation and enthusiasm. The reason is simply because you get the chance to listen to someone’s stories about how they have overcome hardships in their lives or their thoughts on something; it gives us lots of courage. I think that for some of us, appearing in front of an audience is the worst kind of a nightmare because we are scared that others might mock or judge us. When it comes to me, I was afraid to deliver any sort of a speech. This fear lead me not to speak in my entire school life. But once I joined the Gavel Club, I realized that this is a platform where one’s thoughts are given great value. Therefore, finding inspiration in the outside world is hard but it’s not impossible because of the Gavel Club where you can find it more than you ever expected. So, let us all make the best out of it and be inspired and create inspiration.


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