Guidelines for the Contestants on Online Speech Delivery

  • The contestants should use live audio and video conferencing tools in the ‘Zoom’ online platform.
  • The contestants must use a webcam or a mobile phone camera, by abiding to the following guidelines.
    1. To be in a plain (preferably white) color background with sufficient daylighting. If daylight is not sufficient, an artificial light from the front should be focused.
    2. Your body above the waist should be visible throughout the live video and a gap of around 3 inches between the edge of the screen and your forehead must be maintained. Hence the camera/ mobile phone should be placed stationary to ensure that they are visible and audible while delivering their speech.
    3. The contestant should have at least 2 feet gap to either side that should be visible in the video, and which can be utilized for movement during the speech.
    4. The live video should not be disturbed by artificial background noise.
  • The contestants are expected to use the most stable and convenient internet connection that is accessible and must take necessary precautions to ensure that they have an undisturbed connection during the delivery of their speech.
  • In the case of any technical malfunction that may hinder an individual speaker, the Organizing Committee will follow the course of conduct instructed by the Chief Judge of the particular contest.


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