Gavel days…

I was heading towards the university to participate for the first gavel meeting of this year. Actually Wednesday evenings now have become one of the most awesome times of the week because of these Gavel people and the meetings. If you don’t know who they are simply I can say that they are some people who exactly know how to keep a human soul in the happy mode. Their warm welcome and those nice smiles can imprint in your mind for the life time.
While walking through that corridor of zoology department I remembered the first day I came for a Gavel meeting several months ago. It was kind of a special day where there was a guest speaker, Toastmaster “Suhitha” who did a lecture on public speaking. He described how to prepare a good speech, what are the facts that we should ignore while presenting, what kind of things we have to do to grab the attention of the audience etc. I really enjoyed those things but what actually touched my heart was that, in his own words “This club is not just to make a good public speaker but also to make a better human being”.

96140503      Throughout the past few months I realized how true his statement is. I witnessed the honest human values, how people got improved and realized that this is a place where we get the opportunity to seek our own potentials. These people know how to take out that strength which is hidden inside your own soul. They will show the path for you to come out of the labyrinth. Simply they will show how much your existence is valuable to this world where human beings have forgotten what the humanity is.
After those months have passed and there I was standing outside the zoology seminar room waiting to continue that awesome journey with this Gavel family

Gavelier Sathya Munagama | Faculty of Science | University of Colombo


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