Secret of Success

What is the Secret of Success?

Right Decisions

How do you make right decisions?


How do you gain Experience?

Wrong Decisions

Success is getting what you want; But Happiness is wanting what you get.85% of Success is due to your Personality and ability to Communicate, Negotiate and Lead. Shockingly only 15% is due to Technical Knowledge.

Don’t think about “How to be a Success”, think about “How did you fail”. Definitely you will win. Don’t read Success stories, if you do so, you will get only a message. Read Failure stories. You will get some ideas about Success. If you fall seven times, stand up eight times. If Failures continuously chase you, it means you are reaching Success. If there are no Failures there is no value for the Victory. Failures are the challenges for our talents. Victory comes not by chance, but by your full effort. Don’t run by searching for victory. Have Hope for yourself. Victory will follow you. Success is not the key to Happiness. Happiness is the key to bring Successful. If you love what you are doing, you will be Successful. It’s true that every effort is not converted into Success. But it is equally true that Success does not come without Effort. But don’t rest after your First Victory. Because if you fail in the second, more mouths are waiting to say that your Victory was just Luck. Never let your Failure affect your Heart and similarly never let your Success affect your Head. If you do any work with dedication definitely you will reach Success. Failure is Success if we learn from it. If we thought like this we will win not immediately, but definitely. Success never reaches the people who are afraid of Failures. Tolerance and Perseverance are the key factors of Success. Efforts will fail. But Don’t Fail to Take an Effort. Never let yesterday’s disappointments overshadow tomorrow’s Dreams. Even when you fall don’t fall as a leaf. Fall as a Seed. A woman will be a mother only if she fights against the pain. A Seed will be a Tree only if it fights against the soil. Likewise you will be a History only if you fight against the Life.

Now I want to tell a story. A man cut the bamboo tree in the forest. The bamboo tree shouted of pain. Then the man made pieces and put holes on it. Then again the bamboo shouted as “I’m dying, I’m dying”. Finally the man made the bamboo tree as Flute and gave it to the famous music artist. He played it well in front of thousands of audience and the people gave a big clap for that artist. At that moment the flute realized that “i had shouted in pain. I felt that I’m dying. But all my pains became a great achievement. There is no gain without pain.”

All of you know the  Rs. 100 note. Even if I wrap this many times or if it gets dirty, the value of this note will not decrease. Likewise in our life also we may become unclean by the conclusions we made at the moment and the circumstances we met. We may think that we are not capable for anything and there is no value to us. But the actual fact is, if anything already happened or if anything is going to happen, our value or reputation is not going to be decreased. It remains the same. Don’t think that your potential is decreasing when you are facing the Challenges. You are a unique person. You have some uniqueness, no one else has that. Don’t forget this Truth.

There is a story from the Famous scientist Thomas Alwa Edison’s Life. One day Edison brought a letter from his school and gave it to his mother. She read the letter with tears as. ”In front of your son’s intelligence, our school is very small. We don’t have enough qualified teachers to teach him. So teach your son yourself.” His mother was a teacher. Many years after one day Edison had found that letter that his teacher had given to his mother .In that letter the following lines were written. ”Don’t send your disabled son to our school” After reading this he had a big cry and wrote as on his diary. ”Disabled son Thomas Alwa Edison became a great inventor by his mother”

Finally what I want to say is if you have the confidence and hard work everyone can succeed in their life. I wish you a successful life.

Gavelier Nirushan Thangavadivel | Faculty of Science | University of Colombo


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