What’s the furthest you have ever reached? Merely what the tip of your finger could reach? Well, then what’s the furthest you have ever dreamt of reaching?

My passion for public speaking sketched hundreds and thousands of mesmerizing dreams and kept encircling my mind since childhood. These dreams never stopped growing and made me reach not just the stars but even beyond the galaxy sometimes in my own small world.
I knew the boundaries of my small world had to expand to ensure that there was not a star in heaven that I can’t reach. It needed to expand limitlessly. I needed to make sure I had the confidence to stand on my feet and make a speech that counts at any given time. I needed to make room for my simple yet mesmerizing dreams to come true. I needed the opportunity to live my dream and to see others live their’s in their own way.
Such were the cloud of unclear thoughts that needed a live wire to set the clearer picture out. In this context inauguration of the ‘Gavel’ club was more than news for me and it provided the voltage needed to make the wire live.
‘Gavel’ once again started to become the oxygen of my half coloured dream from school to come to life. It took me a while to realise that I was collecting memories from every single fun filled Gavel meeting. Today I’m proud to say that I am a part of this super awesome family that’s in the process of becoming gigantic.
We the Gavelliers are reaching out to the stars and beyond, because GAVEL NEVER STOPS!!!

Gavelier Shenali Fernando


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