I remember the first moment that I got to know gavel , it was during my 2nd year(2014) through my Stat lecturer at the end of her lecture to be exact.

At first GAVEL CLUB was just all about “PUBLIC SPEAKING” (totally formal) for us . But while she was explaining the GAVEL concept ,she told “Those speakers I saw are just like u  but they have something u ppl seriously lack ,it’s a club to share their thoughts and learn effective communication ” , it gave me the notation that if something like that can be formed at science ,I could really learn to talk to someone without shying out from a conversation. So it was basically for a selfish reason that I raised my hand when she asked “who wants to arrange the 1st meeting to “get to know gavel with UOK ” ?”

Planning it was hard, when I didn’t know what I am talking about .

Convincing people was hard when they didn’t understand what am I talking about .

It was like blind leading another blind.

After some research about Gavel Clubs and Toastmaster clubs ,I got the gist of it to convince few ppl to attend the first meeting.

So I talked to Nandula (current UOK gavel club president)and arranged the meeting where we met cool and inspiring Gaveliers who changed our attitude about public speaking concept to the right direction.

We didn’t drag our feet to have our 1st educational meeting , we only had few inspired ppl with us to arrange the logistics and attend the meeting itself. But I should say ,IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT ,DUDE !!!

Every step of Gavel UOC after that was hard work of those few committed ppl plus the diversed individuals who  joined us so far which made the Gavel journey upto now very memorable . It wasn’t an overnight process.

The commitment of the current  EB(Founders !!! , ah just like the sound of it) and the 2nd years who have joined their hands with the Gavel club has made the club very dynamic and fast growing club in UOC.

We are just 1 year old club ,but our growth is phenomenal. We(GAVEL) is proud to announce that we created very crazy, fun loving ,outstanding, Gaveliers to the society in this short time and inspired so many others through our friendly gavel environment.

Few UOC gavel enthusiasts

DR. Asoka – our senior treasurer and “THE STAT LECTURER ”

Nandula and shadika (UOK ) – ppl who gave us the knowledge and the spirit to startup this cool club.

Shaik(THE HEAD ), charuni(strength behind all educational meetings ), fadil (crazy designer of gavel posters), gihan, dilanga ,banukA , and me of course

Dinitha (UCSC)- the mayor of UCSC

“want ppl from ucsc ? Don’t forget to call dinitha , he is your guy.”

Warren , Oshira ,Sri , Amaya ,Anudha , dinesh and nirushan – the 2nd year front of UOC gavel

And All the fellow Gaveliers .

We took one step ahead than a normal gavel club and  introduced a concept called ” GAVEL UNDER TREE ” to build the team spirit of the Gaveliers and to improve our scope of knowledge through more relaxed gathering .

From the day one to today, every moment with gavel made and making me proud of myself about the impulsive decision I made to initiate the process of forming UOC Gavel club.

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