Gavel Soorya Mangalya

The 211th Educational Meeting or “Gavel Soorya Mangalya” was held successfully on the 20th of April at the Economics Auditorium in the Faculty of Arts UOC. This was a remarkable meeting as it was the first physical meeting at the campus after almost a year of “computer-screen” meetings. The meeting began at 1.00 am with the auditorium being decorated and the table is filled with Aurudu food such as milk rice, Aluwa, Kavum, Kokis, and many more.

Toastmaster of the Day GV. Aloka introduced the theme of the day and introduced the General Evaluator GV. Ayeshma and the rest of the roles.
The meeting agenda started off with GV. Shamla commencing the Round-Robin session on the topic “A tradition that you would like to carry on for future generation” and it was conducted by passing a hat across the members and if it landed on a gavelier’s head, he/she had the ‘privilege’ of speaking on the topic (This was of course rigged by GV. Aloka by stopping the music whenever he pleased.)

Many interesting ideas came within this session such as GV. Sanjula’s perspective on ‘Ganu Denu’, Oil should be applied on pets’ heads too and GV. Dasitha’s horror movie nights with relations just after Aurudu.
Soon after the RR session finished, the organizing committee hastily arranged the hall for the 1st game: musical chairs. With almost 40+ participants “The aurudu music” kicked off the game. And after many tripping overs, sitting on laps, and sick dancing moves, GV. Bhanuka emerged as the winner although it was evident from the start.
For the Table Topics session by GV. Thenuka, the first speaker (to forcibly be “volunteered”) was GV. Pramod and he spoke on “Dear Aurudu Kumari”. The entire audience enjoyed his 1 minute 30-second fictional story on his imaginary partner.

Next to speak was GV. Amrah on how “A festival is more than just traditions and food”. It was much wholesome coming from a person who does not celebrate Aurudu. Then the photograph was taken of all the members present.

After this was the paper dancing. Ah, the most hyped (not for single people like us ☹) game. Many people were twisting shyly hesitating to ask a partner from another faculty other than some real couples who had the chance of dancing with a partner from their own faculty if they were in a relationship (GV. Anusith with GV. Aloka and GV. Sahan too with a science faculty partner for whatever reasons). After a few minutes of awkward conversations, the dance floor was ablaze and as the papers grew smaller in size, 2 couples were fighting for the throne; GV. Dasitha W with GV.Chandula and GV. Bhanuka (again) with GV. Poornima (I personally call this the battle between “optionless love” and “monetary love”) Both couples were not giving up at any stage, so the organizing committee decided to reward both.

The victor of the final game: balloon blowing was GV. Thenuka and GV. Dasitha and they won by a mile ahead of the other competitors and after this, the crowning of Aurudu Kumara/Kumari was done based on the personal votes of the members present. The crowned Gaveliers were,
Aurudu Kumara – GV. Sanjula
Aurudu Kumari – GV. Mihinsa

Finally, the evaluations were given along with the announcing of the “Sangawunu amuththa” to which clues were priorly given as “wearing black” and “not from a faculty” (Offended as a UCSC person ☹ ). It turned out to be none other than GV. Pansilu and was guessed by GV. Bhanuka (yes, another win).
After this, Gavel UOC President Dasitha De Costa wrapped up the meeting officially and everyone went to the Heaven’s canteen to enjoy the Aurudu food and have the plain-tea session.

All in all, this was one of the most energetic and engaging meetings Gavel UOC has had in a while, and how the newbies enjoyed them meeting was a delight to the Executive Committee. Hope more meetings could be done in the same manner in the future and till that stay safe.

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