A Beginning with No Ending

A dazzling era of Gavel witnessed a yet another glorious dawn, as the 4th installation of the Gavel Club of University of Colombo was held on 15th of September 2018, with all glamour and grace. By 5pm, the FGS (Faculty of Graduate Studies) Hall was brimming with excitement as all the gaveliers rallied together to celebrate the most significant moment of their career in the club. Especially the new members, who were soon to be adopted into the Gavel family. The evening was studded with several distinguished presences. Among them were the chief guest, TM Tissa Dissanayaka, and the guest of honour, TM Budhdhima Subasinghe.

The event commenced with an aura of boosted patriotism, by rising up to the national anthem. The traditions were paid the due respect, by lighting the gorgeously decorated oil lamp. The MCs for the day, Gv. Senuri and Gv. Thisura were bubbling up with enthusiasm, and were very vibrant, confirming to the audience that it was going to be an enjoyable eve.

As the occasion followed the due procedure, the speech delivered by the outgoing president, Gv. Vimukthini Jayalath was indeed filled with emotions and with a huge dose of inspiration for the incoming president and the ExCo. Every word of hers reflected her passion as a Gavelier, and she has been a beacon, and an icon in the Gavel community. This was followed by calling upon the outgoing ExCo, who had toiled so much for the growth of the Gavel family. As they appeared on the stage, together for one last time before officially transferring their responsibilities to the newly elected ExCo, that sight was etched forever in the eyes of every Gavelier, along with their remarkable legacy.

The speech made by senior lecturer Dr. Asoka Ramanayake, the senior treasurer and the club advisor was warm, placid, and was injected with candid blessings upon the future of the club. As she too, was temporarily transferring her responsibilities as the senior treasurer and club advisor for the year. Her speech was, indeed, a turning point in the event.

The guest of honour, TM Buddima Subasinghe graced the occasion with her inspiring words. Her speech was sure to be imprinted in almost every gavelier’s mind, and the notion of “grabbing the opportunities” was one of the roots in her speech, which, in fact, the gavel is all about.  The newly appointed senior treasurer and club advisor, Dr. Dilhani Atigala too shared her thoughts, by expressing her immense pleasure in being a part of Gavel from this year onwards.

The newly elected ExCo was officially presented with the golden Gavel, the symbol of their pride, and were announced to begin their time as office bearers by DTM Srianthie Salgado. VP. Educational, Gv. Amra, VP. Public Relations Gv.  Piyumi, VP.  Membership Gv. Lilani, Secretary Gv. Vishmi and Sergeant at Arms Gv. Poornima and the treasurer Gv. Sekha stood together with pride, and humility, ready to lead another year for Gavel. And Gv. Jayani and Gv. Uditha were given the responsibilities of editor and webmaster respectively. Finally, Gv. Lawan was presented with the honourable responsibility of the club president, and he will be the leadership that will guide Gavel towards its next victorious year.

The chief guest, TM Tissa Dissanayaka started his speech in a very subtle note, by introducing the leadership qualities signified by the term HAT. He believed that the new ExCo would lead the membership of Gavel with Humility, Authenticity and Trust.

The most awaited moment, the zenith of the evening arrived next. 15 new members were inducted or “adopted” into Gavel UOC. They were called upon the stage with an exquisitely written description, revealing that Gavel had understood all these different personalities in such an accurate manner. They pledged their passion for Gavel, and each one was entitled with both the privileges and the responsibilities of being a gavelier.

Another unforgettable moment of the event was the inauguration speech delivered by Gv. Lawan Wiyayasooriya, the new president of the Gavel Club of UOC. He expressed his gratitude for being chosen to hold such a prestigious position, and revealed his interesting journey from being a member, to rising up as the president.

The vote of thanks was given by Gv. Amra, the project chair. She did not forget to express her utmost gratitude to all the parties concerned, including the sponsors, and then event was concluded in style. This event was not just a combination of speeches. A visual glimpse at the last year of Gavel was shown to the audience, giving them a spark of entertainment, and an impression on what UOC gavel is about: that this is not just a mere club, but a tightly knotted family.

After the formalities were done and dusted, all the participants were treated with a lavish array of refreshments, and the deal was sealed in a cheerful note.

Thus dawned a new beginning for Gavel UOC. Indeed, it will have no ending, for “GAVEL NEVER STOPS.”


Gavelier Thanushi Mallikarachchi | Faculty of Arts | University of Colombo

Capture Credits : FOS Media



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