Contest Rules and Regulations – Preliminaries   The preliminary round will comprise only of prepared humorous speeches. Each contestant is allowed to give a prepared speech according to the following rules.  
The first Educational Meeting after the New Year vacation was held on the 27th of April, Wednesday at the Zoo Seminar Room, Faculty of Science. The meeting started at about 4.15 pm, and Gavelier Shaik presided the meeting. There were few newcomers, and when they introduced themselves, they told us that they got to know […]
Hope all of you are familiar with the term ‘Jewish dilemma’. It’s half-price pork. It refers to the common belief that Jews can’t resist bargains and to the prohibition of consumption of pork in Judaism. As a Gavelier, a similar kind of dilemma exists for me (I’m sure, for many other Gaveliers too). It’s the […]
We all have good friends within and outside the university. When it comes to finding friends, perhaps the first step is to understand what exactly friendship is. Does it mean you have each other in your Facebook list or that you see each other on weekends when you play cricket.
After the industrial revolution, the world became narrow. Nowadays the people in the world are running and running in search of wealth. When they are searching wealth, they are losing their health. If they lose their health, definitely they will lose their happiness. The level of satisfaction on happiness differs from person to person according […]
Festivals are celebrated to enhance mutual understanding among people. Each and every citizen in our country celebrates their festivals according to their capability and means. The rich people will buy new clothes and new goods for their houses in each instance. But there are lots of people, who are in need of help to satisfy […]
“White sand beach” (racist much? 😛) at Rumassala… I still hear the sound of the waves in the ocean… or maybe it’s just the fan in my room. Aanyway the “beginning of the year bonding trip” of our Gavel Club happened last Wednesday (27th ) and this is my reminiscence of it.
As the Project Chairperson of Oration 2016 – here are some lessons I learned and applied throughout the organization process.
What’s the furthest you have ever reached? Merely what the tip of your finger could reach? Well, then what’s the furthest you have ever dreamt of reaching?
I was heading towards the university to participate for the first gavel meeting of this year. Actually Wednesday evenings now have become one of the most awesome times of the week because of these Gavel people and the meetings. If you don’t know who they are simply I can say that they are some people […]