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“The responsibilities of the Vice-president Membership role involve recruiting new members and retaining current club members.”  Sounds easy, right? For someone who is termed the “Momma” of the club, this didn’t sound like a big deal, but before I knew it, I was the admin of more than 10 WhatsApp groups, my contact list has […]
“No two Executive Committees are the same, and the plans you make and the situations you go through are unique.”                                  – Kaumadi Jayaweera, circa 2020. First, I must tell you that in this article I will not dive into an immaculate account of my trials and tribulations of 12 months as a Vice President […]
It was two years ago when I first attended a Gavel meeting. I didn’t know much about what Gavel was except that it was a public speaking club, and the very first day I realized that it was such a friendly and supportive place with really nice people. I loved the experience so much that […]
What are the most ubiquitous ideas that penetrate your mind after hearing the word “Secretary”? Let me take a guess: Boring. Silent. Letters. Reports. Submissions. True. Being a Secretary does not sound very enthralling or adventurous, and frankly, I cannot blame anyone for being under that impression. A Secretary does not move around very often […]
Hello there! It’s been a year since I became the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Gavel Club of the University of Colombo. Even though it’s been a year, I still feel like it was yesterday. I had a great deal of responsibility because of my position in the club, but I enjoyed every bit of it. I […]
There are tons of memories I cherish from my Gavel journey. In fact, every Gavelier has them. Having a simple plain tea with the gang to going on amazing outings – yes! We all have lots of memories to laugh back at. Being part of the ExCo was just like the icing on the cake. […]
Oration 2020 was awesome! and I do not mean this in a casual awesome ish way but seriously, it was ‘lit’ kinda awesome! Want to know why I’m saying that? Then keep reading guys! Okay first, If you have seen our WhatsApp,  Instagram, and Facebook pages you might have come across the hashtag #gavelneverstops. Which we […]
“How am I going to do all those discussions at university? Have better conversations? How can I be more flexible with English? ” When I first came to the university , I was a bit nervous about this fact, and actually nothing came to my mind regarding how to solve this issue. “I feel like […]
I still remember quite distinctly how I felt before walking into my first Gavel meeting. The meeting was to be held at the Independence Square and as I was walking towards the meeting place, I felt nervous.   Though I didn’t have the clearest idea about what goes on in Gavel meetings, I knew it had […]