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 You all should drink it. Back on a day in October 2019, President GV Uditha : Hope you all enjoyed and learned a lot today. I hereby adjourn the meeting. Before you all leave, why don’t we take a selfie? Strengthening your thighs – Bodybuilding shoulder workouts dumbbells brt500 weightlifting and weight bench wit威而鋼 h […]
“Inspiration is hard to come by. You have to take it where you find it” – Bob Dylan- Inspiration is a fact that keeps us moving forward, and makes us a better version of ourselves. As undergraduates, you might sometimes feel demotivated, unfocused, or bored due to the heavy workload that you have to carry […]
After thirteen years of primary and secondary education every student sits for the Advanced Level Examination with high expectations for the future. After facing much difficulties we enter in this great University. First, we are so b必利勁 lessed to be here.When considering last fifteen or sixteen years our parents sacrificed and dedicated for our growth. […]
According to you I am a Fina犀利士 l Year student of Science Faculty, University of Colombo. But the story behind me is very interesting. I am the eldest son of my family. I have a younger sister. Beginning from my primary education I performed well in Studies. I got 162 in my grade five Scholarship […]
Hope all of you are familiar with the term ‘Jewish dilemma’. It’s half-price pork. It refers to the common belief that Jews can’t resist bargains and to the prohibition of consumption of pork in Judaism. As a Gavelier, a similar kind of dilemma exists for me (I’m sure, for many other Gaveliers too). It’s the […]
After the industrial revolution, the world became narrow. Nowadays the people in the world are running and running in search of wealth. When they are searching wealth, they are losing their health. If they lose their health, definitely they will lose their happiness. The level of satisfaction on happiness differs from person to person according […]
Festivals are celebrated to enhance mutual understanding among people. Each and every citizen in our country celebrates their festivals according to their capability and means. The rich people will buy new clothes and new goods for their houses in each instance. But there are lots of people, who are in need of help to satisfy […]
As the Project Chairperson of Oration 2016 – here are犀利士 some lessons I learned and applied throughout the organization process. (more…)
What’s the furthest you have ever reached? Merely what the tip o威而鋼 f your finger could reach? Well, then what’s the furthest you have ever dreamt of reaching? (more…)
I was heading tow威而鋼 ards the university to participate for the first gavel meeting of this year. Actually Wednesday evenings now have become one of the most awesome times of the week because of these Gavel people and the meetings. If you don’t know who they are simply I can say that they are some […]